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AudioSpice Scorch Earbuds product review

If you scored some new gadgets over the holidays, you could probably use a new pair of sleek earbuds to go with them. They have to do more than look good, though - they need to have great sound. AudioSpice Scorch Earbuds not only claim to have superior sound, but they also come in your favorite college team, neatly packaged inside a very clever invention called the Budbag. Seems like the complete package, right? Let's find out!

Earbuds from MobileMars

USF earbuds and budbag
A mic is included, so you can take calls.

TSR product review

USF headphones

  • The earbuds are nicely designed and fit comfortably in my ears without falling out. They also come with plenty of caps in different sizes, so you can adjust to what best fits your ears.

  • Sadly, the sound didn't live up to the hype on the packaging. Instead of "rich sound with deep bass," the music sounded muffled. A similar pair of Skull Candy headphones produced much clearer sound when listening to the same song at the same volume.

  • The Budbag that comes with the earbuds is an amazingly simple yet incredibly useful invention. It keeps them or any other device cord (think charger, USB cord, etc.) collected and tangle-free. Plus, it can't get much more adorable than a mini duffel bag!

Final Score

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3 out of 5 whistles!

If you want to try a pair of AudioSpice Scorch Earbuds in your favorite college team, they're available at MobileMars (free shipping!) or Amazon.


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*MobileMars provided one complimentary pair of AudioSpice Scorch Earbuds to review. All opinions regarding this product are my own.

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