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QuikVolt Car Charger

Our phones can do more than ever, but with how much we use them, it's common to have low battery power before the day is done. Finding a wall with a traditional outlet and waiting around for the phone to charge is now a thing of the past thanks to car chargers. Plug this handy gadget into the outlet in your console (aka cigarette lighter) to juice up your phone's battery on the go or keep it powered up while using navigation or streaming music.

A car charger is a great holiday gift, but the QuikVolt Car Charger makes it a little more special. It certainly looks cooler, but how does it really stack up?

car charger

USF car charger

USF car charger USB port
2.1 amp USB port for tablets on the right side.

Car charger USB port
1.0 amp USB port for smartphones on the left side.

USF Bulls car charger

Car charger for college sports fans

Holiday gift idea for sports fans

Charge your phone and tablet at the same time

  • This charger is universal, so it'll work with any vehicle make or model-- even buses!

  • The best part about this charger is that it lights up in your team's signature color. It's also easy to tell if the charger is correctly plugged in; indicator lights on other charges aren't always so visible.

  • The dual USB ports are convenient-- one for your smartphone and another for your tablet (or a desperate passenger). Although they're marked on the packaging and color-coded (white for smartphones and black for tablets), it would be helpful to have them labeled.

  • Depending on the position of the outlet in your car, you may have to twist the charger to allow room for the USB cord(s). In my car, there isn't much clearance around the outlet, so it would have to be vertical or at an angle to accommodate the cords. While it'd be preferable to have the team logo facing straight, this has more to do with the position of the outlet than the charger itself.

Final Score

The Style Ref product review
4 out of 5 whistles!

Looking for a fun and practical gift this holiday season that your favorite sports fan will use almost every day? The QuikVolt Car Charger comes in a variety of college teams, so visit MobileMars (free shipping!) or Amazon to pick out yours.


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*MobileMars provided one complimentary QuikVolt Car Charger to review. All opinions regarding this product are my own.

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