Turn Up Your Team Pride

Turn Up Your Team Pride with a College Team Bluetooth Speaker

Portable, wireless speakers are the new must-have accessory for music lovers. They give listeners the freedom to jam out anywhere and play music straight from their phone, tablet or laptop. After discovering the AudioSpice Bluetooth BX-100 Speaker, which costs about $40 and comes decorated in a variety of college teams, TSR had to see how this little beauty performed. Yes, dancing was involved.

AudioSpice Bluetooth BX-100 Speaker

USF bluetooth speaker
The speaker comes with a USB and auxiliary cable.

USF gift idea
The speaker has to be charged for several hours before first use.

AudioSpice Bluetooth BX-100 Speaker for USF fans

USF speaker
The control buttons are located on top of the speaker.

Speaker for USF Bulls fans
Power switch and inputs are located on the back.

Compact bluetooth speaker

  • The speaker is compact and portable; the perfect size for traveling or tailgating.

  • The built-in microphone allows you to take (or reject) calls while listening to music from your phone.

  • It's rechargeable, so you don't have to spend extra money replacing batteries (like with a wireless mouse).

  • It's versatile and can connect via bluetooth (to your phone or tablet) or auxiliary cable (to the headphone jack in your phone, tablet or laptop). Cool surprise: connect it to your laptop using the included USB cable to listen to your favorite FM radio station! It also has a slot for a MicroSD card to playback MP3s.

  • After testing different songs at various volume levels, the verdict is booming, clear sound that can effortlessly fill up a large room.

  • The handy controls on top of the speaker allow you to switch listening modes, skip tracks and adjust the volume. However, using them to tune to a station on the FM radio setting was a little tricky at first.

  • The speaker came with quick start instructions, but more detailed information about using the controls would've been really helpful. The online user manual saved the day.

  • You have to charge the speaker for several hours before first use, which is a bummer when you're excited to jam out to your favorite tunes. On the bright side, the battery should last for about four hours once fully charged, but you can also just leave it plugged in and powered up.

Final Score

Product review of AudioSpice Bluetooth BX-100 Speaker
4.5 out of 5 whistles!

Want to rock out to your favorite songs with your own AudioSpice Bluetooth BX-100 Speaker? Shop for one in your favorite college team at MobileMars (free shipping!) or Amazon. It also makes a great holiday gift!


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*MobileMars provided one complimentary AudioSpice Bluetooth BX-100 Speaker to review. All opinions regarding this product are my own.

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