Football is for Wine Lovers

Football is for wine lovers

Beer seems to be the beverage of choice at football tailgates, but not everyone's a fan. If you prefer a glass of vino to a pint of brew, celebrate your love of the grape on gameday, too! (Cool, that rhymed.)

Sports fans can toast at their next tailgate with these essentials for wine lovers:

A tote to carry two bottles of your favorite wine.

Clemson Tigers NCAA Wine Tote

Clemson Tigers NCAA Wine Tote

Add some team spirit to your wine bottles with free printables online.
These are for water bottles, but you can easily re-purpose them for vino. 
Click here and here for more teams.

Clemson Tigers NCAA Printable Labels

Clemson Tigers NCAA Printable Labels

A spill-free way to sip your wine with class and style.
 No plastic cups allowed.



Would you rather drink wine or beer at a football tailgate?


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  1. Wine all the way. And I love that Tumbler, I need that for sure!