Style Rivalry: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants

Style Rivalry: Dodgers vs. Giants

Rivalries are one of the best things about sports - they ignite passion, cement loyalty and make average people do and say some pretty crazy stuff. While teams settle the score on the field, fans have other ways of proving who's #1. Let's put aside the chants, stats and superficial insults - it's time to put rivals to the test in the ultimate battle: TSR's Style Rivalry.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants have an intense rivalry dating back to 1890. These may be two west coast teams, but they have east coast roots - both were based in New York for the first 70 years of their rivalry. They've played almost 2,400 times, but both teams have won about the same number of games. While evenly matched on the field, Dodgers and Giants fans certainly don't feel like equals, which makes their meetings so intense.

TSR's Style Rivalry is the only way to settle this. See Dodgers and Giants fan fashion face off below:

Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers outfit

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San Francisco Giants

Giants outfit

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Which rival's look would you wear?


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