7 Tips for a Fashionable World Cup

2014 FIFA World Cup fashion and style

It's difficult to resist the contagious energy of the World Cup, especially from die-hard soccer fans. One of The Style Ref's fellow sports fanatics, Leslie Arriaza, is devoted to soccer and a go-to source for everything about the sport. Who better to offer World Cup wisdom and how to enjoy it in style?

The 2014 FIFA World Cup begins today and if you're like me (and not going to Brazil), you've already planned out which games need to be watched live or can be recorded on your DVR. If you’re a soccer fan, then you already know the drill for selecting outfits for games, whether you’re attending a game in person or going to a viewing party. For those who are new to soccer, here are my 7 tips for having a fashionable World Cup.

#1 Official Gear is Never Out of Season!
Do you remember USA’s denim jerseys? It’s been 20 years since the United States Men’s National Team (USMNT) took the field wearing, in my opinion, probably the ugliest jerseys ever worn during a World Cup. Today, when I spot a fan in one of these jerseys, I can’t help but think: I wish I had one! They’re still hideous, but so iconic.

USMNT denim jerseys

Landon Donovan won’t be in Brazil but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grab that Donovan jersey out of the closet. He’s done a lot for U.S. Soccer and if you own a Donovan jersey like I do, then wear it proudly!

Landon Donovan jerseys

#2 Less is NOT More; Don’t Be Afraid to GO ALL OUT
Some of the best teams from across the globe are arriving in Brazil to showcase their talent. This is the time for all fans to showcase their passion. Don’t be afraid of doing “too much” because it’s not possible!

The American Outlaws are great of example of going all out. If you’re interested in joining their ranks and watch parties, check out their website.

Team USA fan

Captain America USA fan

#3 However, Don’t Feel Obligated to Go All Out!
No one will judge you if you’re not decked out in official team gear or an American flag unitard! You can show your national spirit through your everyday clothes. This works especially well if you have to work on days when your team plays (if your office dress code doesn’t allow jerseys). You can also take these looks straight from work to a watch party and fit right in.

Team USA style for the office

Work appropriate outfits for the World Cup

#4 USA Fans, Show Off Your Red, White & Blue
If you plan on supporting the USMNT then you might want to stop by Old Navy. They have an awesomely affordable selection of Fourth of July merchandise that would make great outfits for your USA watch parties!

#5 Get Excited, This Only Happens Every Four Years!
Regardless of where you watch or what you wear, the most important thing to remember is to support your country or cheer on your favorite team. And let’s be real: most fans have a back-up team just in case theirs gets knocked out early! If you don’t follow soccer, this is the perfect time to get interested because as ESPN states: Every four years the world has one timezone. You don’t want to be the only one not paying attention to all the action in Brazil!

#6 Eat, Drink & Be Merry
Buzzfeed has compiled a list of The Best Bar To Watch The World Cup In All 50 States. You can also visit The American Outlaws website and see if your city has a local chapter and what events it has planned.

#7 Make a Fashion Statement
Don't be afraid to stand out! These are some of my favorite U.S. Soccer fan looks:

Team USA fan

USA Toms

American flag tank top

Team USA fan

Red, white and blue outfit

USA soccer fans

Are you excited for the World Cup?


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Images via SoccerLens.com, USA Today Sports, Goal.com, Trenthead, Leslie Arriaza


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