Arriving in Style: Grading National Soccer Team Fashion

National soccer teams land in Brazil in style

National teams from around the world have been arriving in Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, transforming the tarmac into a makeshift runway. Since there's no particular dress code, teams arrive in  a variety of attire ranging from training gear to power suits. Noticeably different from other leagues like the NBA, all players dress alike to show solidarity - those who play together arrive in style together.

Although these traveling athletes may understandably opt for comfort over fashion, The Style Ref prefers a more formal, professional look as worn by Australia or Japan as opposed to the sporty, relaxed look worn by USA or France. Check out TSR's style grades below and call out your favorites in the comments!

Style Grade: B+
The classic suit is on point, but Algeria could've been a little more adventurous with their tie and shirt colors.

Algeria arrives in Brazil

Style Grade: A
Japan looks very fashionable in this tailored, blue suit with contrasting patterns.

Japan arrives in Brazil

Style Grade: D
England looks like they're going straight to practice. TSR just expects more from a nation known for its formality and pageantry.

England arrives in Brazil

Style Grade: A
Australia proves that the classic black and white suit never goes out of style.

Australia arrives in Brazil

Style Grade: B
The orange ties brought Spain's grade down. It's not the most flattering color and oddly (maybe intentionally?) matches the lettering on the plane. Red would've been a better choice considering the team's colors.

Spain arrives in Brazil

Style Grade: D
Although France's training suits are fully coordinated, it's just too casual, particularly for a country that's home to the biggest fashion capitals in the world.

France arrives in Brazil

Style Grade: B+
Italy looks pressed and ready in their traditional three-piece suits. However, nothing put this look over the top.

Italy arrives in Brazil

Style Grade: C
USA also looks too casual arriving in Brazil, but they get extra style points for bright pops of red, white and blue, as well as those cool Nike sneakers.

USA arrives in Brazil

Style Grade: F
Germany just looks sloppy. Some are wearing the jacket, some aren't, but either way, the overall ensemble isn't well-fitted or put together.

Germany arrives in Brazil

Who's your best and worst dressed national soccer team?


The Style Ref

Images via Canada.com, Daily Mail, SFGate, Chron, The Monitor, Washington Post

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  1. yasss at the F for Germany!!! they get an F in everything!!!