The Style Ref's Hails & Fails: March & April 2014

The Style Ref's Hails & Fails: March & April 2014

March and April were so busy for sports fans that The Style Ref couldn't keep up! Between March Madness, MLB's Opening Day, the Masters and the announcement of the 2014 NFL regular season schedule, it was a pretty fun whirlwind.

Now that (some of) the dust has settled, TSR is serving up a 2-for-1 recap of the hails (worth cheering about) and fails ( worth sneering about) in sports fan fashion and style for March and April 2014.


Draft Day movie

Draft Day may be a little later this year, but in exchange for the delays, fans got a treat with the Draft Day movie, starring Kevin Costner as the unsinkable general manager of the Cleveland Browns. The movie is worth seeing if you enjoy the draft hype and all the drama that goes with it, but the real attraction is the cinematography - no, seriously. The movie serves up incredible views of NFL stadiums throughout the country and a drool-worthy glimpse inside team offices.


Drake wearing a Johnny Manziel shirt

Drake has been drawing a lot of attention recently for his sports fan antics, but you have to admit - he's got passion - even if he tends to ride the bandwagon now and again. The Style Ref adores Drizzy, but under no circumstances should he ever wear anything with Johnny Manziel's face on it again. While their bond is undeniable, this shirt is just borderline creepy, so let's not and forget we did.


Craig Sager

Craig Sager and the NBA Playoffs go together like his colorful suits and ties, but it's hard not to notice his absence from the sidelines this year. Sager recently announced he was diagnosed with Leukemia and is undergoing treatment. Although the sports community was shocked and saddened by the news, everyone is rallying around Sager with the same passion the sportscaster has for his job. This HAIL! is a tribute to the incomparable fashionisto Craig Sager as we cheer for his full recovery. 


FSU logo change

FSU went and did a funny thing after coming off a BCS Championship win - they made their fans really mad. A shirt featuring a revamped FSU logo was placed on Walmart shelves a little too early and a customer tweet sent the Seminoles fan base into a serious tizzy. Truth be told, the new logo is sharper, fresher and easier to duplicate on all kinds of things, but change is hard. In the end, FSU fans seem to have embraced the redesign, but the Athletic Department should have proactively communicated the change to fans rather than saving it for a big publicity blitz.


Forever 21 x NBA Collection

Being a sports fan can get expensive, especially if fashion is your passion. However, Forever 21 changed the game this season with its affordable Forever 21 x NBA Collection, featuring a variety of trendy styles for female basketball fans. The Style Ref just has one request - can we get the line in all 30 NBA teams?! (Go Magic!)


How much it costs to propose at every MLB stadium

Baseball fans are a little wiser this season thanks to some alarming research that came out on Opening Day. Forget everything you've seen in movies - proposing at a baseball game is officially the dumbest way to spend your hard-earned money. Swimmingly did the homework and found out how much it costs to put a ring on it at all 30 ballparks. Sorry to suck the romance out of the proposal, but with these prices, save your cash for the bling.

Do you think TSR got it right? Leave your Hails and Fails in the comments!


The Style Ref

Images via We Live Film, TerezOwens.com, News in 100, CraveOnline, Forever 21, Swimmingly

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