College Gameday Nails: University Nail Pax

University Nail Pax Official Review

College football season is only weeks away, so if you're looking to jump start your team spirit, a new manicure might be just what you need. University Nail Pax offers custom-designed nail foils for collegiate fans that seem too good to be true - no mess, no fuss and no nail tech required.

To determine if this product delivers true gameday glam for your nails, TSR put University Nail Pax to the test:

University Nail Pax packaging

Inside look at the University Nail Pax kit

University Nail Pax nail foils

Adhesive nail foils are easily applied to each finger

Cut excess nail foil

File in a downward motion to remove excess and shape to your nail

One complete nail using University Nail Pax

Repeat the process on your remaining nails

One complete hand using University Nail Pax

Detailed look at University Nail Pax

Applying top coat

The finished manicure using University Nail Pax

  • The adhesive nail foils are extremely easy to apply, but not overly sticky, so you can remove and reposition them if needed.
  •  The filing technique used to shape the foil to your nail is genius and cuts a very clean edge.
  • There was some rippling and bubbling at the nail's edge which was difficult to get rid of even after applying a top coat. Perhaps using a base coat would help the nail foil adhere better.
  • Doing both hands took about as long as a regular manicure, but was much less messy and frustrating. Plus, no need to worry about nicks or smudges!
  • The design is bright and fun, but would love to see other team variations since some logos are less recognizable when shrunk down for the polka dot pattern.

Final Score:

4 out of 5 whistles for University Nail Pax
4 out of 5 whistles!

Would you try University Nail Pax this college football season? View their entire collection and find your school.


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