Official Review: Celebrity Sports Jersey Fashion

Celebrity Sports Jersey Fashion: Miley Cyrus & Rihanna

Many celebrities are known for their unique style and attention-grabbing fashion choices - it's practically part of the job description. However, being a public risk-taker can either pay off or fail big. Celebs have always had a love affair with sports, donning team jerseys at games and during the season, but is there a wrong way to do it? Is it always fashionable to wear a sports jersey and if not, how do you avoid embarrassing yourself and your team?

The answers are: yes, there's always a wrong way to wear something and no, it's not always fashionable to wear a sports jersey. To illustrate, let's look at two examples of today's biggest, most style-obsessed stars rocking sports jersey fashion.

Miley Cyrus Wearing a Chicago Bulls Jersey

Miley Cyrus wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey

The Wrong Way: Singer and actress Miley Cyrus was spotted wearing this Chicago Bulls ensemble just days after the Miami Heat won the 2013 NBA Championship. Although the jersey is well-fitted and the top half of the outfit works well together, there are two major problems with this: 1) the heels don't work at all in this daytime look and interfere with its sporty vibe, and 2) what do the Bulls have to do with anything?! The Heat just beat everyone and you're wearing a Bulls jersey? If you're going to claim to be an NBA fan, at least pretend to know what's going on and keep your Chicago jersey in the closet a little while longer.

Rihanna Wearing a Mustangs Jersey

Rihanna wearing a Mustangs jersey

The Right Way: Singer Rihanna is everywhere right now and making a big fashion statement wherever she goes. Although she loves designer labels, sometimes her more casual outfits make the biggest splash. This summer during the NBA Finals, RiRi wore a green Mustangs basketball jersey as a dress with cream-colored Converse sneakers for a fun throwback look. In the case of these two celebrities, shoes make all the difference. Not only are Rihanna's kicks more comfortable, they pair better with the jersey and complete her look while still complementing her legs. It's a win-win for RiRi!

Do you agree with TSR? Who do you think wore the sports jersey better, Miley or Rihanna? Make your call in the comments.


The Style Ref


  1. miley is trying WAY to hard with her outfit. rihanna looks cute and natural. i agree that rihanna wore it better!

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