These Shoes Are Made for Cheering

Fan footwear is a hot trend right now, but a quick Internet search shows that the variety of styles available is quite limited: sky-high heels, warm- and wet-weather boots, and flip flops. Depending on where you live and where you watch the game, these options might not be appropriate. So what's missing? A great, basic flat shoe you can wear all year long, indoors and outdoors, that pairs effortlessly with various outfits. Thanks to the new Lilly U line by Lillybee, this void has been filled.

Lillybee, a self-described "style hive of well-made shoes and bags," was born out of Founder Kassie Rempel's love for shoes. As a passionate UNC Tarheels fan, she noticed the lack of fashionable fanwear available and decided that what the world needed was the perfect pair of shoes. Working together with partners Lisa Palmer and Megan Dickens, they brought the concept to life and Lilly U was born.

The striped flats come in a variety of authentic color combinations that stay true to your favorite college teams. Priced at an affordable $62, these shoes will have you cheering in style for years to come.

Go Blue by Lilly U

If you're Gonna Play in Texas... by Lilly U

Orange you Sweet! by Lilly U

Deep in the Heart of Texas by Lilly U

Sooner than Later by Lilly U

Which college team would you represent in a pair of Lilly U flats?


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