Fan Find: Collegiate Checkers

Most people have played checkers before, but you've probably never seen it like this! As the off season approaches, college football fans will have another reason to rue their rivals when they go head to head in Collegiate Checkers. This takes the classic board game to a whole new level with a checkerboard resembling a football field and playing pieces in the form of authentic team helmets. Best of all, each team comes paired with its traditional rival like Florida and Florida State, Oregon and Oregon State, and Michigan and Michigan State.

Cheer new life into a classic game and take on your rival with Collegiate Checkers:

West Virginia Mountaineers NCAA Collegiate Checkers

Texas Longhorns NCAA Collegiate Checkers

LSU Tigers NCAA Collegiate Checkers

Michigan Wolverines NCAA Collegiate Checkers

Florida State Seminoles NCAA Collegiate Checkers

Oregon Ducks NCAA Collegiate Checkers

Which rival would you take on in a game of Collegiate Checkers?


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