The NFL's Passion for Pink

In recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the NFL has gone pink for it's "A Crucial Catch" campaign. During October, the league is showing its support for the cause with what seems to be the most extensive campaign integration ever undertaken. It's Go Pink or Go Home with color changes across the board, including:

  • Game balls with pink ribbon decals used for every down

  • Pink kicking tees

  • Pink equipment for players including: cleats, wristbands, gloves, sideline caps, helmet decals, captains’ patches, chin straps, shoe laces, skull caps, sideline towels, eye shield decals and quarterback towel

  • Pink coins used for the coin toss

  • Pink sideline caps for coaches and sideline personnel, and pink ribbon pins for coaches and team executives

  • Pink caps, wristbands, whistles and pins for game officials

  • On-field pink ribbon stencils and wall banners

  • Pink goal post padding in end zones

  • Breast cancer awareness pompoms, shirts and wristbands for cheerleaders 

In case you were covering your eyes last week, here's a rundown of all things pink in the NFL:

What do you think of the NFL's passion for pink?


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