A Winning Team on Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that encourages us to temporarily escape reality and revel in a new identity. For sports fans, it's a unique chance to pretend you're the star of the football team, captain of the cheer leading squad or the most notorious ref on the field. It's an opportunity to be anyone you want, regardless of what the real world thinks. For one day, girls can play football, little boys can be golf prodigies and even infants can be MVPs.

No matter who you choose to be on All Hallows Eve, finding the right costume can be stressful. Want to be part of a winning team this Halloween? Get your friends and family to dress up together in some of these TSR-approved costumes for sports fans of all ages:

Classic Referee Adult Costume Kit

Football Player Girl Costume

Future Fisherman Child Costume

Toddler Future Olympic Medal
Figure Skater Costume

Baby Football Bunting Costume

Teen Tween Junior Girls Baseball
Player Sports Halloween Costume

Beer Vendor Costume

Bye Bye Birdie Women's Golf Costume

Toddler Boys Football Player Halloween Costume

Little Girl's Sports Referee
Kids Halloween Costume

Racer Toddler Boys Race Car
Driver Halloween Costume

Patriotic Cheerleader Kids Costume

Baseball All Star Infant Costume

Boston Celtics NBA Basketball
Women's Halloween Costume

Retro Baseball Player Adult Costume

Future Golfer Child Costume

Fun World Girls Baseball Halloween Costume

Football Player Adult Costume

Who are you going to be this Halloween?


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