Let's Get Digital

In this digital age, tech devices are our constant companions and social media is our lifeline. With our desire to feel connected, it's rare to leave home or work without a cell phone, laptop or tablet in hand. Each of these gadgets has a home screen, a modern, blank canvas that can be customized with a "wallpaper" of your choice. Facebook created a space at the top of your profile where you can upload a "cover" image and Twitter allows you to personalize your background. For sports fans, digital space is yet another forum for expressing your team loyalty. However, it can be hard and time consuming to find designs worthy of showcasing to the online world.

So TSR scoured the Internet for web-worthy graphics for your phone, computer, tablet, Facebook profile and Twitter page. No more boring backgrounds; it's time to make a statement! Like any of the options below, but want it in your favorite team? Click through to the web site and browse the listings for various teams and leagues.

Chicago Bears NFL Facebook Timeline Cover

Los Angeles Lakers NBA Twitter Background

Usain Bolt London 2012 Olympics Wallpaper

New England Revolution MLS iPhone Wallpaper

New York Yankees MLB Stadium Wallpaper

Alabama Crimson Tide NCAA iPhone Wallpaper

New Jersey Nets iPad Wallpaper

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