Made in America

In the wake of an Olympic-sized blunder that found Ralph Lauren under fire for manufacturing Team USA's London 2012 uniforms in China, demand for American-made products is on the rise. In this spirit of patriotism and the upcoming Olympic Games, TSR scoured Etsy.com, an online, global marketplace where people can buy and sell original, handmade creations, for items that celebrate America in style. You may not be wearing Ralph Lauren while you cheer on Team USA, but you can support them and our nation's small business owners with one of these great finds!

Check out TSR's American-made favorites from Etsy.com:

American Flag Charm Bracelet
with European style Beads

Red, White and Blue Seed Bead Necklace

Embellished American Flag Vest

American Flag Ribbon Wreath

Red, White and Blue Swarovski Crystal
Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

American Flag Tank Top

Americana Clutch

American Flag Scarf

U.S.A. Leather Bangles with Gold or
Silver Plated Brass Beads

Hand-Stamped USA Pillow

USA Braided Headband

Raw Black American Flag Distress Shorts

Our Stars and Stripes 4th of July Studs

USA Flag Cutting Board

Which pick makes you feel most patriotic and ready to cheer on Team USA?


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