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The Olympic Games is an extraordinary event that unites the world every four years in celebration of athletic excellence and national pride. Although fans root for their respective countries, there's a powerful bond between us all as we watch our nation's finest athletes compete together on the Olympic stage. Numerous gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded throughout the two-week event, but in the end, the London 2012 Olympics is really about two things that transcend race, origin and language: love of sport and love of country.

In this spirit of international love, TSR believes in helping fans of all nations make a medal-worthy fashion statement this Olympic season. For non-Team USA fans who want to represent their favorite country in style, check out these picks for men and women in a random sampling of national teams:

Team Brazil Heathered Grey Men's T-Shirt

Team Brazil Heathered Yellow Women's T-Shirt

Adidas London Olympics 2012
Team Jamaica 3 Stripe Flag Track Top

Team Jamaica Olympics Ladies T-Shirt

Team Spain Red 47 Brand Franchise Fitted Hat

Women's Team Spain Red Country
Flag Pole V-Neck T-Shirt

Team Australia Olympics
Men's V-Neck Ringer T-Shirt

Team Australia Olympics Ladies T-Shirt

Team Germany Black 47 Brand Franchise Fitted Hat

Team Germany Olympics Ladies T-Shirt

Team Italy Men's T-Shirt

Team Italy Heathered Green Women's T-Shirt

What national team are you rooting for in the London 2012 Olympics?


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  1. Routing for USA of course, but love Jamaican Swag, reminds me of cool runnings!