Rulebook: No Carry-On Baggage Allowed

Rule #8: Getting ready for the game requires a certain amount of preparation - checking the weather (if it's outdoors), picking an outfit, securing the tickets and packing a handbag. Ladies, leave the giant purses and designer bags at home. Instead, choose a practical, portable, compact bag for your most important items and don't forget to rep your favorite team! Less baggage means more room to move around in your seat and a smaller chance of hitting your neighbors with your giant accessory.

Reconsider that Coach bag, dump that Dooney & Bourke and leave behind that Louis Vuitton. Invest in one of these great bags for game day or...any day:

Concept One Boston Celtics NBA Color Hampton Tote Bag

Concept One Washington Redskins NFL Ethel Handbag

Cleveland Indians MLB Wristlet Purse

University of Virginia NCAA Purse

Phoenix Coyotes NHL MVP Jersey Tote Bag Purse

San Diego Chargers NFL Helga Ladies Purse

Miami Heat NBA Jersey Mini Purse

Which handbag style would you take to a game?


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