Famous Fans: 2012 NBA Playoffs Edition

As the NBA season winds down, the excitement keeps building for fans of the five remaining teams in the Playoffs. Spurs, Thunder, Celtics, Sixers and Heat loyalists have endured a long season and the finish line is finally in sight. While most fans show their support by watching the games, buying season tickets and sporting team jerseys, some go far above and beyond the call of duty to prove their allegiance. From the looks of them, it's clear they wear their pride on their sleeves.

Aside from what's happening on the court, these Famous Fans are the real spectacle, so in tribute to their steadfast support all season long, let's meet some of the last fans standing:

San Antonio Spurs Fans

Oklahoma City Thunder Fans

Boston Celtics Fans

Philadelphia 76ers Fans

Miami Heat Fans

Which of these Famous Fans is your favorite?


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