Read My...Nails?

Nail art is a hot trend, especially when the weather warms up and our fingers and toes can finally come out and play together. Do a quick Google search and you'll see endless nail designs in every color of the rainbow, some so intricate it's hard to believe something that perfect could fit on such a small space.

Sports fans are getting in on the action, too, with eye-catching nail art that does all the talking. So the next time someone asks, "Who are you rooting for?" or "What's your favorite sport?" you can let your nails answer for you.

Here are some of TSR's favorite sports-themed nail designs from around the Web:

Football Nails

LSU Tigers Nails

Basketball Nails

New Orleans Saints Nails

L.A. Lakers Nails

Baseball Nails

Vancouver Canucks Nails

New England Patriots Nails

World Cup Soccer Nails

Tennis Nails

Detroit Tigers Nails

Montreal Canadiens Nails

Japan Soccer Nails

Tennis Nails

Summer Sports Nails

If you're brave enough to attempt any of these designs, make sure to pick up the right polish in your team's colors. Luckily, there are NCAA, NFL and MLB team-specific sets available to ensure you're representing in the right hues.

Houston Texans NFL Nail Polish Set

University of Virginia Game Day Girls! Nail Color Set

Colorado Rockies MLB Two-Pack Team Colored Nail Polish

Are you going to recreate any of these designs on your nails? Give it a try and share a picture with TSR!


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