The Great Debate: Andrew Luck vs. Robert Griffin III

Stanford's phenom quarterback Andrew Luck and Baylor's breakout star Robert Griffin III (lovingly referred to as RG3) sit atop the NFL Draft, predicted to go #1 and #2, respectively. Reports indicate that Luck will go to the Indianapolis Colts, who are in need of a solid replacement for former QB Peyton Manning, and RG3 will head to the Redskins, who just simply need help. These young athletes have been analyzed, inspected, picked apart and measured against one another in numerous ways for months, but there's something crucial that all the analysts failed to compare: Andrew Luck's Neck Beard vs. RG3's Socks.

Who makes the bigger, better, personal fashion statement?

Since Luck typically wears a helmet on camera, you may have missed his infamous neck beard. This guy clearly devotes his life to football because his facial hair needs some serious attention. Nonetheless, Luck's neck beard has gained significant notoriety among fans and the sports media as one of the top neck beards in football history. It even has its own Twitter account. However, close friends and family aren't riding the beard bus and have demanded he shave it. One of his best friends explains how Luck hears his desperate pleas, “...but it’s like he’s so proud of it. I think he lets it grow just to let people think he’s not so wrapped up in himself.”

Whatever the reason, Luck's neck beard is mesmerizing and inexplicable, something you just have to see for yourself:




Now, take a minute to recover from that...

RG3 loves socks. Not just any socks, but "kooky" ones in prints like Cookie Monster, SpongeBob SquarePants, Angry Birds and Scooby-Doo. He even sported Superman socks to accept his Heisman Trophy, which were quite fitting considering his rise to prominence against all odds. He brought Baylor football out of obscurity into the national spotlight in one season, shattering records and crashing the Heisman party traditionally reserved for established powerhouse teams. He made it cool to be the underdog and he did it all wearing crazy socks.

RG3's silly socks date back to his sophomore year at Copperas Cove (Texas) High and his collection has grown substantially since. As he explains, "I was just trying to be different. It's kind of a statement. You can say whatever you want; it doesn't matter. It doesn't faze me. I'll still go out and do what I have to do, whether that's making A's in the classroom or doing well on the field."

Here are a few of RG3's notable sock styles:

Real Life Superman

Monster Socks

Is That Barney?

He's definitely a sock man.

Let's make this short and sweet, like we all wish the NFL Draft could be. There's no denying that Luck and RG3 are the hottest NFL prospects we've seen in a while and there are massive expectations for both of them to live up to. Wherever they go, they will each make their own marks on the teams and cities they become a part of. Their distinct styles both on and off the field will become a topic of conversation (as they already have), so TSR will take the liberty of making this pick:

TSR's pick for the bigger, better, personal fashion statement is: RG3.

TSR has love for Luck, but it's easy to side with his family and friends who think the neck beard needs to go. It's unflattering, unkempt and must get super itchy in that hot helmet. Dude, it's fine to have a beard, just style it! RG3's sock style is genius and fun because everyone can get involved in this trend. No more boring, white socks. Who knows, we might even see an RG3 sock line someday.

Do you agree with TSR's pick? Who's yours?


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  1. What a great blog! Now following :) I would have to chose RG III! Those socks are pretty rad.


  2. RG3, no contest. Andrew Luck is good at football, but outrageously average at everything else lol.