Famous Fans: NBA Superfan James Goldstein

There are basketball fans and then there is James (Jim) Goldstein, multimillionaire and quite possibly the NBA's biggest Superfan. He began watching NBA games at age 10 and was hooked by age 15 when he was hired to keep game statistics by his hometown team, the Milwaukee Hawks (now the Atlanta Hawks). He doesn't have a favorite team, but says he's a fan of the NBA, in general. He refuses to disclose how he made his fortune. His business card lists just his name, contact information and three things: fashion, architecture and basketball.

So what exactly qualifies him for the illustrious title of "NBA Superfan?" Let's break down Goldstein's stats:

  • Attends between 110 and 120 games per year, including traveling to cities to attend playoff games

  • Attends about 95 percent of home games for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers

  • Counts players like Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash, coaches, owners, announcers and NBA Commissioner David Stern as friends

His reputation certainly precedes him, but he's not just known for his love affair with professional basketball. He also has a flamboyant sense of style, not just for a sports fan, but for anyone.

The Commish isn't kidding. Not only does Goldstein show up to a record number of NBA games, he gets noticed. His passion for high fashion (including John Galliano, Gucci, Dior, Roberto Cavalli) might lead you to believe he's not a true sports fan, but looks can be very deceiving. According to players, coaches and owners who have become his friends over the years, he's a true student of the game. In fact, with the amount of time he spends watching basketball, he could teach the class!

It's time to see the "NBA Superfan" in action:

No matter what you think of Goldstein's style, one thing is for sure - he goes big (and definitely doesn't go home during playoff season). "NBA Superfan" is certainly a heavy title to uphold, but he seems willing and more than equipped to handle it. That definitely deserves a spot on his business card.

What do you think of James Goldstein's intense devotion to the NBA?


The Style Ref

P.S. - On top of his super fandom, Goldstein's also famous for having a pretty incredible house in Los Angeles that's been featured in countless architectural magazines. Click here to check out some spectacular photos.

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