Super Bowl Showdown: Bill Belichick vs. Tom Coughlin

Two of the NFL's coaching titans are headed into Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. 5, but they're both known for a lot more than their football prowess. New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick and New York Giants Coach Tom Coughlin have a very specific personal style on the field that they take as seriously as a team uniform. They both work in northeastern cities where freezing temperatures are the norm during football season, so they're used to weathering tough conditions and coming out on top.

In this week's match up, TSR asks which Super Bowl-worthy coach is best dressed for success and the elements?

Let's take a closer look at Coach Bill Belichick:

Coach Belichick fancies short-sleeved cutoff sweatshirts

In a rare long-sleeved version and head wrap

Wearing a throwback Patriots puff ball beanie

Another serious head wrap with matching facial expression

Next up is Coach Tom Coughlin:

Coach Coughlin keeps it simple with NYG gear

Sporting a Giants beanie

In another NYG blue windbreaker

Noticing a pattern?

Let's break this down: Both coaches are clearly consistent - in wardrobe and wins. As for appropriate winter wear, they seem to have a variety of options to choose from. However, one of them gets higher marks for making the same ol' look fresh.

The winner of the Super Bowl Showdown is: Coach Tom Coughlin.

With all due respect to Coach Belichick, cutoff gray sweatshirts don't do him justice. Frankly, it makes him look unprofessional and sloppy, which is not who he is or what he's about. He's notorious for his intensity and attention to detail, but that doesn't come across in his appearance. It also doesn't look very warm. Really, what is the point of a sweatshirt with short sleeves?! On the other hand, Coach Coughlin sticks to his tried and true windbreaker and hat ensemble in that vibrant Giants blue. His look might be routine, but it's tailored, protective and put together in a way becoming of a successful coach. Consistency isn't all bad, especially when you're winning.

Did TSR get it right?


The Style Ref


  1. Good thing Bill has the best quarterback in the NFL. He is a hot mess. No contest.

  2. As a Giants fan- I love this! Though it is easy to beat those terrible sweatshirts.

    Great meeting you at the CapFABB event!

  3. I'm a Giants fan, too, but I promise it was unbiased! ;) It was nice meeting you, too!