Rulebook: Ladies, Dress for the Game, Not the Club

Rule #2: Questionable fashion choices are all around us, though sometimes it's not what they're wearing, but where they're wearing it. There are some widely accepted cardinal rules that make up our collective dress code, such as never wear a swimsuit to work (unless you're a lifeguard), pajamas are only appropriate for wearing around the house and never wear bright colors to a funeral. One cardinal rule that seems to be broken time and time again, especially in college sports, is when female fans dress for a night out on the town rather than a night at the game.

Some women treat a sporting event more like a social occasion, so it's not uncommon to see them wearing mini skirts, dresses, high heels and costume jewelry, which would be better suited for a place with low lighting and a DJ. It's one thing to not take the game seriously, but why sit through it when you'd clearly rather be somewhere else? While their strategy might be to catch someone's eye, it's highly likely that the eligible bachelors they seek are more concerned with the game.

It's a southern tradition for women to dress up for games, but even that looks out of place when you consider the setting. When you're watching athletes play an intense, physical sport, sometimes outdoors and in harsh weather conditions, it looks sort of silly to be perched in the stands wearing your Sunday best with coordinating jewelry and pumps. Dress for the environment and dress to have fun! A tailored jersey, hat, jeans and sandals just seems more appropriate in this setting, right? Not to mention, it's a lot more comfortable.

And it's not just regular folks who commit this faux pas - celebrities do it, too! Check out Kim Kardashian rocking a serious shoulder pet at a Miami Heat vs. New Jersey Nets basketball game. This seems to be some sort of fashion statement, but it's actually just scary, regardless of where she's wearing it.

TSR's advice: Ladies, you can dress for the game and still catch someone's eye. There are tons of fashionable options for female fans, so have fun with it and please leave your stilettos at home.


The Style Ref


  1. #1. dont hate on kimmie! shes not even human.

    #2. i think casual dresses are ok. just as long as there are not heels involved. casual dress with flip flops. totally ok!

  2. Some casual dresses are ok, but you have to tread carefully! Thanks for the comment.