Fan Find: Team Toaster

Breakfast is the meal of champions, so imagine how much more epic it would be if your bread popped out of the toaster emblazoned with your favorite team's logo? Sliced bread just got a whole lot more fun.

For $39.99, you can get your own team toaster for your favorite MLB, NHL, NFL or NBA squad. This fun kitchen gadget is a unique gift for the special sports fan in your life or a surprising treat for house guests. Yes, it takes sports fandom (and bread) to a whole new level, but seriously - why not? Real fans should be able to have their branded toast and eat it, too.

ProToast Toaster from Fansedge.com

Do you think this is a cool product? Are you interested in fan items for the kitchen?


The Style Ref


  1. Highly recommend the panini maker as well :)

  2. i think its a little overboard...

    but, if someone were to give me one, i would not turn it down

  3. It's great for the "super fans"...the rest of us can just enjoy their delight. Thanks for the comments!