Famous Fans: Beef Studs

Every team has fans (well, the majority anyway), but some teams have special fans known for going above and beyond the call of duty. TSR fondly refers to these devout followers as "famous fans" for their unwavering, daring and sometimes embarrassing displays that often win them five seconds of fame that night on Sports Center.

For this edition of Famous Fans, let's pay a visit to the Beef Studs at the University of South Florida in Tampa. As a large university founded in 1956 with a growing, national athletic presence, the Beef Studs are relatively new to the scene, but that doesn't stop them from making a statement. Meet the Beef Studs!

A Beef Stud

A Beef Stud is no ordinary fan - no sir, a Beef Stud is a unique creature. The traditional costume consists of a bullhorn helmet (to represent USF's mascot, the bull), a grass hula skirt, and most importantly, green and gold body paint. Other random items can be added to complete the look. Sure, he looks like he just dumpster-dove to put his outfit together, but that's what any true Bulls fan would do, right?

A Beef Bunch

The Beef Studs and their ladyfriends, aptly named the Beef Babes, are one of USF's most recognizable student organizations. Their official mission: "To raise awareness of and to promote spirit of: The University of South Florida and all of it's athletic programs; on-campus, locally, and nationally."

Their tailgate at Raymond James Stadium where the USF Bulls football team plays is impossible to miss and they welcome anyone who isn't afraid of some stubborn body paint. One courageous Sports Illustrated reporter documented his Saturday with the Beef Studs when the Bulls traveled to Auburn in 2007. That game would turn out to be one of the biggest wins in school history as the Bulls beat the then-No. 17 Tigers, 26-23 in overtime. Read Joe Rienzi's story here.

Beef Babes Represent

It may not be easy, but the Beef Studs are a shining example of dedication, no matter how ridiculous you look. However the season turns out, USF can count on the Beef Studs to be there on gameday wearing almost nothing but their green and gold.

Bringing the Beef

What do you think of the Beef Studs? Does your school have a similar fan group?


The Style Ref

P.S. The USF Beef Studs are in rare form in this video created for the "Be Respect-A-Bull" campaign to promote a higher level of pride, sportsmanship and honor at USF. I beg you to please remember, the Beef Studs are not representative of all USF students and alumni. :)


  1. Go Bulls!

    While I would never want to embrace such style, fans like the Beef Studs and Beef Babes are what make sports fun!

    Some pro-style beef studs (and probably a blog post all on its own) are the fans at the Oakland Raiders games! Check those out and give your opinion TSR!

  2. The possibilities are endless with all the over the top fans out there! More to come... XO.

  3. BAHAHA i love the part where he says "BULL RUNNER", stay classy tampa bay!

  4. that video is priceless.

    keeping it florida, ucf has a group called the rowdy knights. but anything with horns is fun.

  5. I will look into that! Thanks for the comments.