College Football Makes Fashion a Team Sport

If you haven't noticed, college football teams have really stepped up their style over the last few years. Blame it on TV and the sports media, but it makes for great publicity and it's fun to watch. Some teams are perennial favorites, like the Oregon Ducks, who have 384 uniform combinations thanks to their sweet hook-up with Nike (Co-Founder & Chairman Phil Knight is an alumnus). However, some teams debut a uniform for a special occasion, like the Maryland Terrapins did this season with their head-to-toe interpretation of the state flag. Very daring, boys.

I found a great article that highlights the sweeping trend of flashy college football team uniforms. The first line reads, "Flip on a college football game and the first reaction could be: "What in the world are they wearing?" I think the next question should be, "Why not?"


The Style Ref

P.S. - Which team (any sport) do you think has the snazziest style? Leave a comment below!


  1. I say "yah!" to the adventure in uniforms! Honestly, I love my teams, but my attention span through a game is limited. A fun uniform, you are guaranteed to get an extra commercial-break-return-to-watching out of me!

    My favorite - Oregon Pro-combat, obvi. Shoes to gloves, best around. I really like throw-backs normally, but they are definitely overused at times. Also, DISLIKE the Padres extreme overuse of the Army-style uniforms in the 2011 season.

    Fun post TSR! Looking forward to more.

  2. Those Oregon day-glo and gray uniforms this season were pretty fly. But nothing beats a classic white on white look from any team! Looks crisp and as a former soccer player I always prayed for rain and mud on those nights :)

  3. Obviously, Oregon is a favorite! Thanks for the comments! :)