Battle of the Hollywood Titans: Brad Pitt vs. Tom Cruise

Society often looks to celebrities as role models, especially when it comes to style. These are the trendsetters, the taste makers, the people who convince us to spend money on things we think we need to look our best. The truth is celebs are just like the rest of us - and they love sports! However, this doesn't necessarily mean you should follow their lead when it comes to getting dressed for the game.

TSR will regularly feature a style match up between two fans and choose the winner (with your help, of course!). In this edition, it's the Battle of the Hollywood Titans: Brad Pitt vs. Tom Cruise. 

Of these two big screen hunks, which one is dressed most inappropriately (that's right, not appropriately) for the game?

Brad Pitt - New Orleans Saints fan

Tom Cruise - Washington Redskins fan

Let's break this down: Tom's ready for a meeting and Brad hasn't shaved in a year. Plus, neither one of them is sporting anything related to their team. The only one who knows how to dress for a game is little man holding Brad's hand.

This is a tough call, but the winner is: Tom Cruise

At least Brad's keeping it casual for gameday. Tom looks like he's reenacting a scene from Jerry Maguire. The bottom line for these movie stars - stick with " no comment" before making a fashion statement like this on the field!

What do you think? Did TSR get it right?


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  1. Hmmm, as u know, growing up in southern sports our men's and women's varsity teams usually dressed up on gamedays. However they never dressed for a stuffy board meeting. How is Tom supposed to loosen up and cheer if his outfit is as stiff as a board?! And as far as Brad's look I'd say he is trying to blend in with a big crowd by not wearing anything too loud, this way his child can have all the fun and get the attention from the stadium :)